April 2022 - updated information about Covid -19 

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September 2021- Information about Covid-19

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Back to Pre-school Sept 2020 - what will it look like to be at pre-school?

We follow up-to-date Government advise to put policies and procedures in place in order to mitigate from the risk of Covid-19 at pre-school. The attached document is for parents, detailing operational procedures at pre-school from September 2020.


Covid-19 Information for Parents July 20[...]
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Re-Opening of Pre-school June 1st 2020

On the 1st June 2020, South Milford Pre-school opened their doors again! Our sessions run on Monday/ Tuesday and Thursday/ Friday for the children. We have organised the children into bubbles. We adhere to all the government guidelines and have clear policies, risk assessments and procedures in place to ensure the safety of our children, staff and families.



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Coronavirus - Our Latest Updates - 16th March 2020

The following information has been emailed out to all parents/ carers and is to inform you of the measures that are being taken at pre-school to try to protect everyone from the Coronavirus.

As I am sure you are aware, we are now in the “delay” stage of the Governments COVID-19 strategy. Schools, pre-schools and childcare facilities are to remain open. It is possible that the government will make changes to this and we will wait for advice and act accordingly.

Advise from the Government currently, is that anyone with the following symptoms must self-isolate for 7 days: 

  • Temperature of 37.8 or above
  • Persistent new cough

Can we please ask you to be extra vigilant with this right now, and if your child has these symptoms to remain at home for 7 days. Can we also ask all parents/ carers with these symptoms to self-isolate, and to ensure that you do not come into the pre-school setting. Additionally to this, if your child seems generally unwell, we would like to ask you to keep them at home until they feel better.

Staff will also be following the same Government advice and so therefore, if there is a drop in our staffing levels, then we may need to look at having to close pre-school. This will be an individual preschool decision and North Yorkshire CC will be informed. We will make every effort to communicate closure to you in good time, but these are unprecedented times and we may need to close with little notice. This will be communicated via email, so please check these daily.

We are receiving daily updates from the DfE and will keep you up to date with any changes or advice. If you would like any further information then these links may be helpful:

Up to date Government advice on Coronavirus 


The Government’s Coronavirus Action Plan; a guide to what you can expect across the UK 


Hygiene and cleaning at pre-school has always been of upmost importance, but we have put extra measures to try to prevent and slow the spread of the coronavirus. Surfaces, chairs, door handles etc will be cleaned with antibacterial spray/ wipes regularly throughout the session. Children and adults are asked to wash their hands thoroughly before leaving home and to use hand sanitiser on entering the pre-school. We are continuing to teach the children the importance of hand washing before eating, after using the toilet, after using a tissue and after playing outdoors. The children also use the hand sanitiser after washing their hands. Tissues are available at pre-school, with a separate bin for disposal.

Although these measures are put in place, and children need to understand the importance of handwashing, we are also aware that there is a lot of anxiety around regarding the outbreak. At pre-school, we will not dramatise the issue, nor talk about it with the children unless they bring it up. Together we need to ensure that we do not pass on our own concerns or stresses to the children.

In all other ways, we will continue in much the same way at pre-school. Lots of fun, learning and we will be encouraging the children outside as much as possible!

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me or catch me at pre-school.

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